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Core Values

Core Values – Simple, Fundamental, Positive Beliefs

Our mission is to provide consumers with revolutionary products to assist them in living vibrantly with extraordinary health. Lil Peeps Nutrition ™ promises to deliver delicious, nutritious, whole foods and herb supplements that are minimally processed; Free from chemicals, preservatives, dyes, refined sugar, MSG, soy, artificial flavors, fillers, GMO’s and irradiation.

Our Pledge to You

As parents we always worry if our children our getting the nutrients they need. When you add Lil’ Peeps Protein ™ to your child’s diet, you can rest assured that you are doing something wonderful for them. You are giving them pure natural nutrition! When we say natural we mean it. We know that it seems that everyone on the block is claiming to have a natural product and it is hard to trust, but explore our site further and you will come to understand that we mean what we say.

We pledge to let nature be our guide.

We pledge to be honest with our information about our products.

We pledge to always be open to new health information to stay progressive with our ingredients.

We pledge to be Innovative when creating our products but in the same breathe keeping the integrity of the ingredients intact.