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The Family

Lil’ Peeps Nutrition founder Michelle Poliski and her children Caitlynn, Devon, and Sophia

How did Lil’ Peeps Protein™ come to be?

For ten years, Michelle was on the soy protein band wagon before being diagnosed with Hashimotos Hypothyroidism in 2006. This devastated Michelle after all of her diligence to feed her family and herself nothing but the “best” foods and supplements available on the market. In Michelle’s quest to heal her body, she discovered a great deal of misinformation and corruption; the so-called benefits of soy being one of them. She discovered that unfermented soy products were linked to thyroid problems and digestive issues. These revelations fueled her passion for knowledge of natural nutrition.

In her search for health, Michelle discovered the healing powers of whey protein. She found that most powders on the market are damaged by extreme heat and acids. On top of being destroyed most have undesirable ingredients like sugar, soy, MSG and other chemicals. Since she was not able to find a great product for her children, she decided to create one and thus Lil’ Peeps Protein™ was born! Lil’ Peeps Protein™ comes from grass fed cows and is, in many ways, superior to most other protein supplements. From formulation to production Lil’ Peeps Nutrition™ does it right. Lil’ Peeps protein™ is cold processed, meaning it is not exposed to high heat or acids during production as most protein powders are. This preserves the delicate vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other health promoting components of the whey. The whey is produced from cows that are able to graze on the natural diet of grass rather than being forced to eat grains. Studies are proving that an animal that is allowed to roam in their natural environment and eat their intended foods, will produce healthier food products. An example of this is grass-fed cow products contain up to 4 times the omega 3s, Conjugated Linoleic acid, and vitamin E than conventional grain-fed cow products. All of these components are being studied for their “super food” strength health benefits.

Michelle’s mission is to help other parents navigate through the misleading tangle of marketing gimmicks and offer truly healthy nutrition options for our “Lil Peeps”. She has now become a life line for other parents by educating them and sharing her knowledge and experiences. She is currently enrolled in a Natural Nutrition Education program and will be accepting clients at the end of 2011.