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At Lil’ Peeps Nutrition, we use only the safest and purest ingredients.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Fibersol, Organic Sweet Whey, Sunflower Seed Lecithin, Organic Non Fat Milk Powder, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT),  Fiberaid, Lo-Han (80% mogroside), Natural Blueberry Flavoring, Guar Gum.  Contains milk ingredients.  Processed in a facility that may or may not process Nuts, Soy and Gluten.  This product is not made without those ingredients and the equipment is thoroughly cleaned in-between processing.

Following  is a bit about them! For complete, in-depth information, please visit our Library section.

What is Lo Han?

Lo-Han sweetener is a non-caloric sweetener derived from the Chinese fruit Lo Han Guo and has been used as a natural sweetener in China for nearly a millennium due to its flavor and other great health benefits. It has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine.[2] Lo-Han has an incredibly low glycemic index, it does not cause sweet or food cravings, nor does it stimulate fat storage. Lo-Han does not raise blood sugar and is safe for most diabetics and hypoglycemics. Best of all, it tastes great. Best of all, it tastes great with out any funky after taste! Please note that the Lo-Han used is  tested for containment s such as lead etc and passes.

What is Whey?

Whey protein is a by-product of cheese manufacturing. It was once discarded as waste or used for animal feed, but later on was “re-discovered” by researchers and has been since regarded as one of the greatest foods for humans. The nutritional properties of whey are outstanding.

What makes it Non-Denatured Whey?

Our whey comes from the process of raw cheese making. The nutrients in milk are very heat sensitive and easily destroyed. The raw milk is only heated at 72 degrees c for 15 seconds then cooled to 7 degrees for the whey processing leaving all the beneficial micro-nutrients and amino acids in tact!

Why Grass Fed cows?

Whey from grass fed cows is known for its amazing properties and is nutritionally superior to conventional dairy products. Studies have shown that over-feeding starchy grains can affect the acidity of the cow’s stomach environment and change the fat and nutrient levels (1,2).  Grass fed cow’s whey has a more balanced ration of Omegas and higher levels of CLA.