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Moo Mission
When you buy Lil’ Peeps Nutrition™ products you are not only doing good for your children but you are helping our communities.

Lil’ Peeps Nutrition™ donates 1% of profits to Moo Mission, a non- profit organization.  Moo Mission has what they call “Charity of Focus”. The reason it is called The Charity of Focus is because who receives the funds will change periodically.   It may be for less fortunate children, a single person dealing with an illness with a huge need or an ongoing Charity Organization.

You can always find out where the funds are going and see the impact you are making by visiting us here online, just click the link below that says “Current Charity Of Focus” to get the details. Feel like doing a little more?  You may also opt to donate any tax-exempt amount you wish to help the Charity of Focus by clicking on the donate button below.

Every six months we will donate our accumulated sum to Moo Mission. If you feel you know of a Charity that fits our vision, please send information so we can review it for possibly being one of our Charities.

Moo Mission Charity of Focus

Right now our charity of focus is Marcy Naquin.

I met Marcy when she became my nanny a few years back.  It might sound as if I am going over board or exaggerating but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Marcy is Angel.  But, it is the honest truth and I could not mean that statement more.  Marcy did not work for me for too long but in that short time frame we became close friends.  Marcy is genuinely the sweetest most sincere woman I have ever met in my life. There were times that I would question my self saying “No one could really be that nice, this has to be a front” but its not.  And I really don’t feel that I will ever meet anyone that could stand next to her and be her equal.

While she was working for me her and her husband took me up on my request to be the godparents of my children.  This is how strongly I feel for them and shows how truly wonderful they are.  Marcy had a really awful childhood, and she came through that past and made a wonderful life for her self and her children.  There is a lot to be said for that and anyone who has been horribly mistreated as a child and came through it knows what a feat that is.  She gave her life to her children and missionary work.

Marcy has a very nasty cancer. They removed the cancer and for a year she had to undergo one of the strongest chemo’s there are.  Then only a few months later the cancer returned, she had a double mastectomy and is now under going radiation.  She has not been able to work since her illness and I know that things are hard for them financially with one income and the added expenses.  She wanted to take natural measures to cure the cancer but could not afford to.  We both feel the chemo its self is what created the return of the cancer.  It is so critical that she have the funds to support a natural protocol to make sure that the cancer does not return and to do damage control from all the medications she has been giving during this battle.

I hope that you find it in your hearts to help her get the supplies that shed needs so that she can continue to fight.  There are oh some many people that love her!

-Lil’ Peeps founder Michelle Poliski