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Smoothie Shop

Pick a liquid, fruit, addition and a herb, blend and enjoy

Blueberry blast

one scoop Lil Peeps Protein Powder
3 oz canned coconut milk, 3 oz water or 6 0z raw milk
1/2 -3/4  cup frozen wild organic blueberries(small ones, may use less with big berries) , add to desired consistency
Blend and enjoy, serves 2 children

Add ice if you prefer a thicker shake and/ or if you use fresh fruit

Chai Tea Smoothie  (Chai tea taste without the tea)

one scoop Lil Peeps Protein Powder

7 oz water or milk beverage

1/2 – 3/4 cup frozen wild organic blueberries, add to desired consistency

couple of shakes of Turmeric and cinnamon

Blend and enjoy, serves 2 children

Powerful Herbs


Yes,  we said turmeric, you won’t taste in the shake. Turmeric is a powerful ant- inflammatory, anti-cancerous properties, anti-bacterial to name a few. See library for more information.


Antioxidant, helps regulate blood sugars, helps lower cholesterol.  See library for more information


Any type of fruit that you love

Brain power additions

Peanut butter
Almond butter
Ground Flax seeds (sprouted are great)
Chia seeds (sprouted are great)
Omega oils, like Udos 3.6.9


Coconut milk, canned.  (Dilute half water and half coconut milk 3 oz coconut milk 3 oz filtered water.)

Raw Milk

Almond Milk

We do not recommend soy milk visit link below for more information

Let your imagination be your guide and let the fun taste bud ride begin!

Coco and Lil Peeps Protein

Great for these winter months!

8 oz milk or water

1 table spoon Cocoa Powder (non sweetened and alkalized)

1 semi heaping scoop of Lil Peeps Protein

While almost constantly stirring, slowly heat milk on  medium low heat so that the milk does not scorch.  Once milk is warm/semi hot (you want it hot but totally drinkable) you may mix coco powder slowly in by sprinkling a little in at a time and mixing.  If you dump it in too fast it will clump up.  The coco will not mix in cold milk.  Once the coco is mixed add the Lil Peeps Protein by slowly mixing in as well, you will not have to be as careful with powder as you were with coco for it mixes easier.  Walla enjoy!!

(caution do not boil the liquid you will destroy the amino acids and health benefits)


one cup of cooked oatmeal

1/2 scoop of Lil’ Peeps Protein

1/4 teaspoon of raw honey

Add the above items after you are done cooking and the oatmeal is at a temperature that you are able to eat it.  You  don’t want to “cook” items with the protein or you will destroy the healthy amino acids.


Plain or vanilla yogurt, add Lil’ Peeps protein per your taste.

Lesser evil Pancakes Gluten Free

1 cup Arrowhead Gluten Free pancake mix

1/2 Cup Arrowhead millet flour

1/2 Cup Arrowhead Buckwheat flour

1 Scoop Lil’ Peeps Protein

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

1 1/2 Cups raw milk or coconut milk (dilute coconut milk with half water) for thicker pancakes use less liquid

1 Cup organic wild blueberries

2 Farm fresh eggs

1 tablespoon avocado oil or coconut oil ( you will have to warm the coconut oil to liquidfy before you mix in

1 tablespoon raw honey (you may have to warm this up if you honey has crystallized and you can heat honey and coconut oil up together)

Mix dry ingredients with fork

Mix wet ingredients

Blend all ingredients together with spoon

Heat skillet and oil pan with grass fed butter

Add 1/2 cup batter

Cook till rasied and sturdy enough to flip, these will not bubble like conventional pancakes

Cook about 1 min on other side and enjoy!

Tip you don’t want to cook on high heat, lowest temp to cook with out scorching and browning