1) Is it Halal/ Kosher? Answer: The whey is Kosher and Halal approved, but the facility isn't certified K.

2) A1 or A2 Cows? Answer: Guernsey cows (A2 milk).

3) Have the cows been treated with antibiotics at all? Answer: The cows are antibiotics free.

4) How is the fermentation done? Answer: Non Animal Rennet enzymes are used.

5) Is it a complete protein? (contains the full spectrum of amino acids) Answer: Yes, it is a complete protein with a full spectrum of amino acids.

6) Does it contain casein? Can customers who are allergic or sensitive to casein use it? Answer: Lil' Peeps Protein whey mix contains organic milk powder with naturally occurring casein

7) What is the Customs Declaration for international shipping? Answer: Dairy powder. More information available upon request.

8) If there is Vitamin E in the product, what form is it? Answer: Most likely contains tocopherol complex as naturally occurring in the milk fat, but hasn't been tested for it.

9) Where is the Whey Protein sourced and what safety measures are used in its manufacture? Answer: Whey is derived from Wisconsin grass fed cows, it is a by-product of raw milk cheese (cheddar) production, known for its high safety and quality manufacturing regulations - required to grant a good tasting, high quality aged cheese. The whey's processing and safety measures are done in accordance with the FDA GMP guidelines.

10) Is it safe for pregnant/ nursing mothers? Answer: It is certainly safe for pregnant and nursing mothers

11) Does the product contain gluten, soy, or peanuts? Answer: It is made without gluten, soy & peanuts, but it is processed in a facility that may or may not process gluten, soy, or peanuts. Machinery is thoroughly cleaned between processing different products.

12) Is it undenatured? Answer: It is undenatured,

13) Does your whey protein have phenylalanine? Answer: The Whey contains all essentials amino acids including phenylalanine.

14) Does it go through a pasteurization process? What temperature is it processed at? Answer: The Whey is processed via low heat micro-filtration which partially replaces heat pasteurization. The whey is forced through ceramic micro-filters that trap virtually all microbial elements in the milk - yielding a microbial free safe product which sustains all fragile whey components. Temperature: the raw milk is heated to 70˚C for a brief 15 seconds and then cooled down to 5˚C for the remaining processing.

15) Are the cows 100% grass fed? Answer: Yes, the cows are 100% grass-fed.

16) What can you mix it with? How do you make it? Answer: You can mix it with water or milk until reaching your desired consistency - pudding or milk shake. Favorite smoothie is, 1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries, 1/2 cup milk, blend and enjoy! Lil' Peeps Protein powder can also be eaten (chewed) dry - directly from the canister.

17) What are the sources for the different flavors? Answer: All flavors are derived from 100% natural food sources, each flavor relates to its natural respective source: i.e. blueberry flavor - derived from blueberries, banana flavor - derived from ripened banana powder, etc.

18) Is this whey isolate protein, or whey concentrate? Percentage? Answer: Whey concentrate 80% agglomerated.

19) Can people who allergic or sensitive to milk use this product? Answer: The whey is low in lactose and generally can be tolerated by the average lactose sensitive person. People who are allergic or sensitive to milk may need to consult with their health practitioner before using any dairy product including whey.

20) What type(s) of sweetener(s) is/are used in this product? Answer: The product is naturally sweetened with Lo-han, a non-glycemic fruit extract.

21) Is it pasteurized from milk? Is it raw milk? Answer: The whey is derived from raw, non-homogenized milk.

22) Is it homogenized? Answer: It is non-homogenized milk.

23) Are any of the ingredients from China? If so, can you comment on the safety/ purity? Answer: The sweetener Lo-Han Kuo is a dried fruit extract native to southern China, used traditionally as a natural remedy for treating colds, sore throats and digestive disorders. The Lo-Han powder is carefully extracted through a concoction method of filtering and drying that separate all impurities - yielding a product free of chemicals, heavy metals, fiber or microbial components. Preliminary toxicological studies on animals, showed that Lo-Han extract is highly safe even in extremely high dosages (of over 10g/kg body weight).

24) Is it water soluble? Answer: It is water soluble, instantly dissolved.

 25) Does it contain naturally occurring cysteine? Answer: Yes. About 3g/100g whey powder.

26) Is the dairy sourced in the US? If not, where is it sourced from? Answer: The milk is sourced in the US.

27) Is it safe for lacto-vegetarians? The reason is that some whey products are processed in a way that adds certain animal amino acids to them - not just those in the whey. Answer: The Whey mix is perfectly suited for Lacto-vegetarians. The product contains only natural occurring nutrients with no animal amino acids or by-products added.

28) Are the amino acids Branch Chain Amino Acids, peptide bonded amino acids...? Answer: The Branch-Chain Amino Acids are peptide bonded as naturally occurring in the whey / glycolmactopeptides.

29) Is there Vitamin D? What type (D1, D2, or D3) Answer: The whey protein concentrate contains fat soluble vitamins in the milk fat, believed to include trace amounts of vitamin D-3 cholaciferol but tested only for vitamin A.

 30) Are there any wheat, nut, or soy products used in manufacturing? Is it manufactured in a facility that makes other products with these ingredients? Answer: The product is free of wheat and soy. It is manufactured in a facility that is wheat free but occasionally uses nuts and soy lecithin.

31) Is this recommended as a meal replacement? Answer: It can be used as a protein meal replacement on the top of a vegetable, fruit rich diet.

32) What is the source of each ingredient? Answer: All ingredients are 100% food based

33) What is the shelf life? Answer: 2 years

34) What is the proper storage temperature? Answer: Room temperature (70˚ F) or refrigeration.

35) Will it help you lose weight? Answer: It may help lose weight due to the following properties: helps curb sweet cravings contains natural ingredients that promote satiety low glycemic with no sugar added helps support the body's metabolism a healthy, delicious treat that can substitute sugar loaded deserts, or ice cream.

36) Will it cause you to gain weight? Answer: Can be used for muscle retention and a lean muscle gain.

37) Is there MSG in Lil' Peeps Protein? Answer: Whey protein isolate and concentrate may contain additional MSG only if hydrolyzed milk proteins are present or added in the processing. Lil' Peeps Protein is made from raw milk which is not hydrolyzed. Unlike many protein products and sports drinks that contain hydrolyzed proteins, Lil' Peeps Protein is free of hydrolyzed protein, it is 100% natural and has no ADDED MSG.